Thursday, June 27, 2013

Let me introduce myself for those of you that don't already know me...

My name is Samantha and I am a stay-at-home mom of three children ranging in age from 11 years old to 3 years old.  I have been a cloth diaper advocate for 11+ years and cloth diapered all three of my children and I am an active member of the Real Cloth Diaper Association Cloth diapering has grown and changed so much in my 11 years of experience and I have used everything form origami folded flats name it and I've probably tried it.  While cloth diapering my third child I decided to take my love of sewing and my love of cloth and put them together and started making my daughter's diapers.  What started out as a hobby has now grown into my small family business.  I love what I do and the flexibility is offers me to be able stay home and be there for my children.  

One small corner of my home studio
I Love sewing!!!  When I'm not sewing I am thinking about it, reading about it or attending classes to learn more new and exciting techniques.  It has become a true passion of mine and I can honestly say that I LOVE my job!  

A few words on stocking the store:
I do my best to stock the store on a regular basis but, at this time, I do not have a set stocking schedule.  However, it is usually every two weeks and stocking dates and times are posted on my main Facebook business page. Although I would love to have a regular set stocking schedule I cannot accomplish that at this time with my 3 children all home from school for the summer.  I hope to resume regular stocking times in late August when my children are attending school again.  In the meantime, I sew and stock as often as possible so check back often for announcements on the main Little Seedlings facebook page.

As well as stocking the store I run custom SYOF (send your own fabric) groups in my chat group HERE. Feel free to join if you are interested in chatting about cloth or would like to join in on the SYOF fun!

I also post pictures of my work and updates on my main business Facebook page HERE.  Be sure to click the "show in my newsfeed" button so that you don't miss out on any important announcements.

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