Customer Reviews

Please use the comment button below to describe your experience with any cloth diaper or green living product you have purchased from me. All feedback is greatly appreciated and taken into consideration by me and others. 


  1. I have one "mama cloth" that i bought from little seedlings, Its actually one of my favorites, and i really need to get my hands on more of them!

    I also have a dozen wipes that i SYOF for. They are perfect!

    If i have the chance i would buy from little seedlings more often!

    Stock more things that aren't diapers :P for us potty trained familys!

  2. We are lucky enough to have a few little seedlings over here and we LOVE them! They are endlessly absorbant and extremely well sewn. We also have a nighttime windpro diaper that is bulletproof, and since it is breathable there are no red hineys in the mornings! The WAHM behind them is fantastic, too, <3 Sam.

  3. <- Might be one of the biggest hoarders of Little Seedlings. We absolutely love love love the quality, absorbancy and convenience of our LS fluff.

    Living in a year round warm location, our DD wears her fluffy bum and tshirt or dress out in public. Since the materials are so absorbant we go coverless 100% of the time. It is a wonderful feeling to have such confidance in your diapers, especially with some of the massive gushers a toddler can let lose.

    The seamstress and owner of LS is fantastic. Her sewing skills are only surpassed by her customer service. She truly cares about her product and her customers.

    Honestly, we are feet dragging PLing just to keep our fluff on longer. I know bad bad mommy... Looking forward to some LS undies inour near future.