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Why Reusable Paper Towels?


Many people use paper towels because they seem convenient. Grab, use, throw away. You might use paper towels to wipe off the kitchen counter, clean the stovetop, clean your windows. You might wash your hands and use a paper towel to dry. All of these uses can add up to an average of 1-2 rolls of paper towels a week!  That's a lot of paper waste!

The use of disposable paper towels has a huge impact on the environment by contributing to deforestation, water pollution and global warming. Paper is one of the largest contributor to municipal landfills and decomposing paper towels produce methane gas which is a leading cause of global warming.

Regular paper towels are made from trees which do not regrow once harvested. Even when made of recycled materials, they still produce an environmental impact. The recycling process, as well as production from virgin pulp, uses water, energy and chemicals.

Reusable paper towels are not only more environmentally friendly but also can bring a new aspect of style to your kitchen. There are many stores on Etsy that sell these towels or, if you sew, you can easily make them at home.  I make them for my family and love that I can change the rolls to fit the season and add an accent of color to my kitchen towel roll. Of course the main purpose and goal is to reduce the use of non-sustainable resources and keep our world a little greener for ourselves, our children and continued generations.

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